Special Offer Livery Prices

 September & October 2012 offer for New liveries first 4 mths at:

  • 7 Day Part Livery                                                                                      450.00
  • Full Livery                                                                                                   500.00
  • Training Livery                                                                                          650.00
  • True Horsemanship Training for both horse and rider

All Prices Fully Inclusive of Shavings, Hay, Haylage & Hard feed


Each of our livery packages are tailored to meet each of our clients and their horses needs. Our court yard stables are set around a beautiful lake setting where you can enjoy tea and coffee sat next to the all weather riding school. Relax watching the horses in their paddocks around the lake, our grassed paddocks cover some 20 acres.

If you are interested in Part Livery, Full Livery or Training Livery. Please contact us to arrange a tour of the facility. Or come along to a Unique Horsemanship Demonstration on Saturdays.  11am to 2pm. FREE entry


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