Hi Brandon.

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session with Cosmica. It is hard to believe that it was only sixth one since Brandon began working with her!

Cosmica has come a long way since session number one and it is such a thrill to see such enormous progress and the way in which she responds to Brandon’s way of working.  She is learning so quickly and yet I know that there is absolutely nothing stressful about it for her as she always has the choice to move away from anything that might make her feel uncomfortable at first and she is figuring everything out so quickly (but then, she is a very bright girl!).

Brandon has a unique approach to handling horses ( based on the way that horses interact with each other) and it has been fascinating to see him put this into practice and to watch  this young,  inexperienced horse respond so spontaneously to his literally every move…After all, yesterday was only the second time that Cosmica had worn a saddle  and yet even though she was ‘free’  Brandon  was able to put it on, do up the girth, attach stirrups and put on the bridle   (and he was able to pick up all  four feet!)  Throughout which she just stood quietly, not bothered in the least.  In fact, I feel she is thoroughly enjoying the stimulus of Brandon’s work.

There is no doubt that she has noticeably  grown in confidence over these past few weeks and I realise that I have Brandon to thank for this encouraging development. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to her next appointment with him!

Many thanks and best wishes



Just wanted to say a big thank you to Brandon, for the work he did with my horse. The communication was amazing, and the amount learnt during one session was fantastic, cant wait for the next.  Would definitely recommend.



I just want to say a big thank you to Brandon  for coming to look at my horse today. It was a great experience and I feel glad to of met someone who is genuinely so talented at communicating with horses in their own natural way.  I look forward to learning more and continuing the training with my horse.  Thanks again!

Kind regards

Kelly Gilmore


I moved to a new yard and started bumping into  an old freind on the common. Kept saying yeah Ill call in for a cuppa but as we all know time has a habit of passing by very quickly!!

I bred from my mare five years ago and unfortunately her son had grown bigger than I intended. I had been looking for a rider to educate him with little success so as I thought he was too much horse for me decided to sell him.

My friend  said that if I let her have an advert she would see what she could do.  So on Thursday 19th May I made the effort and went over to see her.  While chatting to her l noticed a young guy lunging a horse in a rather strange way as I thought, it looked like he was exercising himself at the same time as the horse, this meeting was to change my whole outlook on horses and their training!!  It turned out that he (Brandon) The Horseman who works and trains/breaks horses using the horses own language and energy levels, it was fascinating to watch. I started talking to Brandons dad Tony and arranged for them to come over and have a session with my youngster Troiica which they did the very next day.  Needless to say the session went very well to the extent I am holding fire on selling him and am hoping with Brandons help to improve my own knowledge and understanding and to eventually building up the confidence to ride him myself.

Thank you so much, and l look forward to you working further with you and my horse.